what makes a good weekend?

The weekend has been a great one for being with friends and spending time with the family.

The weekend got off to a great start with a ‘blokes’ curry night at the best curry house in the world where we ate and drank well. It’s been a while since we have done this and all agreed we need to do it more regularly!

On Saturday we watched Despicable Me at the cinema. A good and funny film if somewhat predictable …  there are only so may different ways to spin the same sort of story of person presenting an evil persona in order to protect themselves from their past. It’s worth a watch.

This morning at the cathedral was tinged with sadness as Dan conducted the girls choir for the last time in the 1030 Eucharist. Dan goes on to new things and I will miss his skill and passion around the place. God’s speed matey!

Watching the football this afternoon was good, even though the result was rubbish! Spending time with other friends later this afternoon was good and mad as well.

What makes a good weekend? Time with God, laughter and chilling with friends and family ….. this weekend had all of that so it was a top weekend!

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