gathering: simplicity

the gathering got together again today in the crypt. There were around 15 of us that looked at the topic of Simplicity; partiularly delving into what it meant and how it applied to our lives.

Our bible passage to look at was Luke 12:22-34 and then Howard got us to think about linking that with Fosters 10 statements on simplicity:

1. Buy things for their usefulness not their status
2. Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you
3. Develop a habit of giving things away – deaccumulate
4. Refuse to be propagandanised by moden gadgetry
5. Learn to enjoy things without owning them
6. Develop a deeper appreciation of creation
7. Look with healthy scepticism at all buy now pay later schemes
8. Remember Jesus’ injunction about plain honest speech
9. Reject anything that will breed the oppression of others
10. Shun whatever will distract you from your main goal
I struggle with a number of those if I am honest!
The time together was good. It was different again today and there was some good interaction and engagement. I enjoy meeting with this group of people even if I have no idea what God is doing and where he is leading us as a group. 
I guess a concern for me on reflection is that we had a number of people, again. who visited us for the first time. It is fair to say that some today were visiting out of curiosity. This does, however, show up an issue in what we are doing and a hard thing to think about as we have a lot of people who we only seem to see once. In the last 5 months I can remember 7 people who have gathered with us but not returned. 
What should we draw from that? Should we be worried? It certainly shows there are a number of people searching, and they may well not be looking for what the gathering is at this point in time. Does it mean we should be doing something different? I firmly believe this is not a numbers game, and yet on the other hand I see a number of people searching, engaging but not returning. Is even my concern a valid concern to have? 

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