the gathering gets together on Sunday and this month our theme is simplicity. I have a funny feeling we are going to be challenged about our 21st century consumerist lifestyles … but I may be wrong.

this particular gathering has been the hardest to plan, the email and facebook page have been the quietest they have been since we started like this and so, again, this makes me wonder whether this is a topic that we are going to find quite a difficult one to cope with.

After all … what is simplicity all about? Is it about stripping back to the bare essentials? Is it about being naive and a bit dim? Or is it simply (see what I did there?) a brand of sanitary towel?

Simplicity is a word that has been banded around, but a word that I am not sure we get to grips with properly.

I have the video below emailed to me today from breathe … so it may make an appearance on Sunday.

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