letting go and being carried away

But whenever you set out to do something extraordinary, there comes a point where, like Erickson on the horse, you have to choose between trying to control everything – or letting go and getting carried away by something bigger and more powerful than yourself.

I stumbled on a new blog, Lateral Action, today from a post on Wishful Thinking which I have been following for a while. I hope to get to a workshop run by Mark in the next 12 months … I have failed as they have clashed with other things in the past.

As I have been pondering the questions of my earlier post this week I have been both encouraged and challenged by Mark’s post on Lateral Action called the Benefits of Losing Control. Mark talks of allowing the unconscious mind to have more control and concludes his article with the quote i opened this post with. For me, the unconscious self is that part of me that is most guided by God’s Spirit …. so here’s to ‘letting go and being carried away by something bigger and more powerful!’

3 thoughts on “letting go and being carried away

  1. Love this post – have been thinking about this too recently – really pleased to have stumbled across your blog – was recently faced with a tough decision re going down the pioneering route or not. Have a young family and so have gone for trad. route but hope to be creative from within it – will keep up with you for ideas and inspiration. God blessRachel at Re-vis.e Re form

  2. Thanks Racheli hope your ordination is a great time for you and I will keep an eye on your blog.I too agonized over the decision – and I don't think one is better than the other – we need both (and a lot more) so that people can return to GodGo wellR

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