Pub theology pt 2

Last nights second Pub Theology get together happened. I really enjoyed the time. There were 10 of us on and off throughout the evening with people joining and leaving as their circumstances allowed. This worked well as during the time we tend to discuss a number of topics. The start time of 7pm is only there so we can ensure we grab a couple of tables; the format allows people to join later quite easily.

The topics were once again varied and unpredictable – although in some interesting way linked. Sharon got us started by asking about healing. This progressed to thinking about why bad things happen to good people which took in thinking about the Christian response to people that have committed what the majority of people would consider to be horrific crimes such as pedophilia. We spoke a bit about forgiveness before then ended by considering ‘eternal life’ and what that was all about. As I said – the conversation was pretty diverse, but you can see how the topics were linked.

Looking back over that gives the impression that the evening was pretty intense but it was not. The conversations flowed quite naturally, after the inevitable awkward silence at the start of anything new, and were interspersed with social chat as the group also got to know each other a little bit and share about themselves. There seem to be an air of freedom – with some wanting to speak a lot while others wanted to listen and ponder – just like any other group of people. I hope no one felt pressurised one way or the other.

I enjoyed the evening, which drew to a close at about 10pm. For me, just getting together with other people to thrash such topics around and learn from each other is not just fun – but really quite an important thing to do. I can’t think of any other format or opportunity for people to discuss such issues in such a natural and real way. So – good to meet you people, and I hope we meet up again next month.

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