1st pub theology

We had our first pub theology session last night. I was interested to see who would turn up and was really pleased with the turn out we had. There was a group of 5 of us which was a good size group of people to start with.

The location was great. There was space for us, the pub was not heaving but it was not dead quiet either. The pubs policy of not playing music, and of course good staff and cheap beer, all combined to make w/spoons the best place to try this out first – and that seemed to pay off.

The conversation flowed really well and I was surprised at how diverse a range of stuff we considered. I wondered whether we needed more direction, and I’m sure that the people there will say if they think so, but it did seem that the conversation flowed naturally from theology and spirituality to jobs and other stuff and then returned to faith issues.

We started by thinking about what ‘theology’ meant as this was, after all, ‘pub theology’ … and the conversation just carried on from there. In all I was really quite excited by how the event went.

We are going to try and get together again in a couple of weeks, so if you want to try it out why not come join in with a drink at the next Pub Theology on Monday 9th. August, same place from 7.00pm. (the link takes you to the Facebook page) The early time is just so we can make sure we get a table or two… it would be easy and natural to join in when you can make it.

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