my first wedding

I experienced another first at the weekend in ‘doing’ my first wedding. Until this particular day the most nervous I had been was just before signing the opening 3 lines of the eucharistic prayer in the cathedral. That still gets to me (I was in the office this morning practicing 45 mins. before the service started!) but I was very surprised how nervous I was before the wedding ceremony yesterday.

I guess I was very conscious of how things could go ‘wrong’ with signing licences and the other legal stuff. More importantly this is a very special, and unrepeatable day, for this couple. I really wanted to ensure I had prepared fully so that they could enjoy their day as much as possible.

Everything seemed to go well and I was struck, again, how fortunate I am as I get to share some very special moments with people. To be able to serve people in this way is pretty amazing and I am remembering again how privileged I am in being where I am doing what I am doing.

I get to officiate at another wedding next week so that’s pretty cool!

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