pioneer training

Jonny has blogged about the CMS Pioneer Ministry Training.

This looks really excellent and as I was reading it I found myself wishing this has been around a few years ago when I started training or OPM.

I particularly welcome the return to what it always should have been, as outlined in the Mission Shaped Church report:

the idea (as strongly recommended by the c of e in mission shaped church but seemingly ignored by lots of bishops and training officers up and down the country) is that training should be on the job for pioneers and not residential. and that the training will be alongside what they are pioneering.’

It is also going to be assessed by portfolio – something I have marginally achieved in my IME training for this year (but it is still to be written, in my case as an academic essay).

As I say above, this is excellent and if you are an ordinand about to start you should really be having big discussions with your bishop about this … now where is that tardis so I can go back in time?!

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