a great YFC day

I guess I had a bit of a deja vu experience today as I met up in London at the Indian YMCA with the YFC Local Ministries team. I have been continuing to work for YFC one day per month to keep the movement linked with the Department for Education and NCVYS with the aim of keeping YFC updated on statutory youth policy. This is a role I have enjoyed doing as it enables me to keep a bigger perspective on what I am doing. Sadly this role comes to a natural end at the close of this financial year.

Being with the team today was an excellent experience. It was energising to be in a room of people that have a united vision and a desire to do the best they can to give young people an opportunity to experience the kingdom of heaven. I was asked to sum up, as a person coming back to visit, what I was seeing going on and I noticed a few things that I find quite exciting:

YFC are clearly still on the edge. They are great at what they do, but the organisation today was still asking the question ‘what next?’ It was aware of where it is not doing a good job and healthily and honestly asking ‘why not?’

The people there today have a desire to reach young people. People present today discussed with integrity and without hidden agendas. They shared ideas and encouraged each other without fear of being criticised, nor out of  desire to push their own interests. Today was genuinely about how can we collectively be better at what we do.

I could go on for ever but finally I sensed that these people have become desensitised to how great a job they do. They are seeing miracles everyday and that is becoming the norm. Because of this they are not really taking on board how amazing the things are that they are involved in. This is because they don’t shout about it but just get on with it.

It was great to be able to take part in this today. It has reminded me where I have learnt a lot of my stuff – and, personally, I think there are a lot of Christians and churches ‘out there’ that could really learn from the agenda-less honesty of a YFC style of working.

Thanks guys and girls – great to see you!

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