corpus christi: pain and disbelief

At 5.30 this evening instead of Choral Evensong we are holding a Eucharist to mark Corpus Christi which is a service to give thanks for Holy Communion. Roman Catholics today will be proclaiming the ‘truth’ of transubstantiation; obviously this will not be the case in the cathedral where we celebrate more the opportunity that we regularly have to join with Christ is some mysterious way that it more than mere symbolism but is not the ‘repugnance’ of  transubstantiation (article 28 of the 39 articles).

On a day like today, though, where many people are waking in the area of Cumbria in sadness and confusion after yesterday’s horrible and devastating events, I wonder whether this ‘feast’ of Corpus Christi has anything to say to all of us in our confusion and/or grief?

I don’t want to write anything blase or trite today and I guess one thing that we can say is that having a day to give thanks for the opportunity to share in Holy Communion reminds us that there is a God that is mysteriously here,  sharing in our anguish and joining us in our tears. Christ still exists in the reality of our humanity which allows us to be understood in our pain. That pain exists and will not disappear.

Today we pray for those who have died
and for all those who are bereaved
for those who are confused
and for those that feel guilty …
Lord ..
in time
bring peace
to these hearts
which are lost, desperate, confused, angry,
and overcome with grief.
Comfort all those
who have been affected by this tragedy
bring hope to their confusion
and give grace and courage to free them
to offer their wounded hearts for healing

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