Free Gaza

Lots more has been said today – but no one seems to be willing to press hard on Israel and hold them to account. David Milliband, the Shadow Foreign Scretary says: ‘The humanitarian suffering in Gaza is completely unjustified and self defeating for all those concerned with political progress in the Middle East.Vital supplies must be allowed into Gaza and the futile loss of civilian lives in this tragedy only increases that requirement.’ He says more here. I agree totally with what he says (you’d no doubt expect that as I am a Labour Party member) – but I have to say, David, it’s a real shame you did sodf all about this when you were the ACTUAL Foreign Secretary and could have done something about it.

The people ‘living’ (as regarding quality of life that is a loose term) in Gaza need food, medical supplies, water etc etc etc. The illegal Israeli blockade does not even allow concrete and other building materials through so that Palestinians can rebuild their homes. Instead, these people have to live amongst the rubble of what used to be their house.

If Israel will not allow humanitarian aid via road or sea from Turkey and other  close by states that it cannot trust – why can’t the European nations and the USA do something? I have a suggestion – why not have UK and us planes and helicopters fly aid and parachute it into Gaza … would Israel really accuse us of sending in military materials for Hamas and shoot down a Chinook helicopter?

WE have allowed these abuses to go on for too long. As humans we must stand up for justice of the oppressed. As Christians we need to be shouting louder about the everyday abuses that are allowed to exist here. no other country would be allowed to go unpunished for the abuses both inside and outside Israel that the Israelis have been allowed to commit … illegal building, illegal blockade, boarding a peaceful flotilla in inetrnational waters, ordering assassinations, cloning passports of its allies ….. the lack of respect and the arrognave shown to the rest of the world must stop.

Everyone hs a right to protect themselves – but regular disproportionate aggressions and violence is simply wrong.

The time for words is over …. surely it is time for Europe and the USA  to act!

3 thoughts on “Free Gaza

  1. I think the Israelis were entirely justified in their actions against the flotilla which was deliberately attempting to provoke them. The flotilla was not really interested in providing relief to Gaza, but rather in provoking the Israelis, otherwise they would have landed at Ascolon, and sent it in by land (as the Israelis have now done)see fail to understand the Arab mindset when we assume that they will behave as western liberals would. The evidence (i.e. the videos points to violence being deliberately used and initiated by the Turks, who were seeking Martyrdom.

  2. MikeI have to disagreethe boat was in international waters and therefore illegally stopped under the lie of 'threat to security' … the flotilla had aid but had the added aim of raising awareness of this 3 year unjustified blockade which deprives people of adequate food and humanitarian aid – the Israelis allow 25% of what is needed to pass through the border and they are not even allowing building materials (how can building materials be a threat??)The west has conveniently 'forgotten' that this blockade existsthe statement yesterday refusing the UN an independent inquiry is confirmation, in the eyes of many, that the Israelis have much to hideI struggle to see how you can say this was justified when people were killed by soldiers do we believe the story of people like Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace Prize winner) on board or those of proven liers like Netanyahu

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