sweeps blessings

The first day of the Sweeps festival has gone really well. There is a wonderful vibrant atmosphere as people celebrate and enjoy the music and the dancing.

After a slow start Dekhomai became busier and busier as the day went on. Loads of people were initially warey over what the cost might be but after a while word got round that we were offering stuff for free and so people came and had a look.

As well as massaging feet and helping people make prayer beads we have had a lot of chats with people and had the privilege of praying and anointing people for healing. Many people were also intrigued by the St Florian prayer cards.

At the start of the day I was pretty nervous how all this was going to go down in this festival atmosphere – but our presence in a way that provides something that clear;ly fits with the atmosphere of the Sweeps may festival seems to have been appreciated.

WE have another 2 days so if you re around come and find us. Our only concern today is the weather-  as I write it is trying to rain. If it succeeds then we will have to move everything in to the cathedral which I am quite reluctant to do as we won’t then be available to the masses of people outside.

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