mind body spirit and sweeps

The Sweeps Festival starts tomorrow in Rochester and I’ll be spending most of my weekend involved there (apart from a short break to watch Gillingham beat Southampton!) The Sweeps program can be downloaded here. If you look on page 6 of the guide it outlines what we are doing – although somehow ‘Mind Body and Spirit’ has come out in the program as ‘Sound Body and Mind’.

the program outlines that Sound, Body and Mind is a  a spiritual experience with free hand and foot massages, the chance to make prayer beads, experience the Jesus deck of cards and have the opportunity to receive a healing prayer.

We will be working from 2 gazebos placed in St Mary’s Meadow (which is the bit of grass on the High Street side of the cathedral). If the weather is really really bad as forecast for Sunday then we will be found inside the cathedral. If you are in the area why not pop along.

This year we are seeking to engage with and serve people in the same way that I do when involved with the Dekhomai team at MBS events. The stall for the next 3 days is making use of the Dekhomai name. We shall also be using the Dekhomai Prayer beads postcard along with a St. Florian prayer postcard I have designed specifically for Sweeps. St Florian is the Patron Saint ofr sweeps and firefighters. On the reverse of the postcard is the traditional firefighter prayer alongside a prayer to St Florian for those who feel they cannot or are uncomfortable praying direct to God or Jesus. This prayer takes the tradition of praying to saints and asking them to ask God on our behalf.

Part of me is challenged by what Ihave designedas personally I have never prayed to a saint as I believe everyone can approach God through prayer. I have come across many people, however, who ask me to pray for them because they feel unable to pray for themselves. I hope these postacrds will help people in their own homes or workplaces to be able to approach their Creator God through Saint Florian.

In addition to the above we will be offering the making of prayer beads, prayer and anointing for healing, foot and hand massage, prayer blessings,  Jesus Deck applications, and Ignation meditation opportunities. During or after these activities we will offer to pray with people.

Dekhomai, the welcoming place, is all about getting alongside people, being with people and allowing them time to make themselves aware of the spiritual presence of God around them.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what God does when we give the room for God to do what God can do. Please pray for the team over the 3 days of the festival.

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