is FB the new 3rd space?

Ryan Bolger writes an interesting article here looking at the idea of third spaces and whether Facebook has become the new Third Space (i.e. places where we relax and socialise; by definition not placews of home or work so coffee shops, bars etc.). It is an interesting question and one that we should be thinking about.

Personally, I see that lots of people spend lots of time on social networking sites, a number of people are voicing concerns over (particularly young) people living more and more in a  virtual world but I don’t see this myself. From the example of my children and other young people that I know FB and others does not stop them form going out to their ‘third spaces’ and being with their friends. It does seem to, on the other hand, keep them connected and know of what’s going on. As a parent I suppose I should question where the time for FB comes from if it does not detract from third spaces – it’s probably homework, but that is another issue!

I’d be interested to hear what other people think …. is FB becoming the new Third Space?

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