awesome gathering ?

We had another interesting gathering this afternoon. We took the theme of love from 1 Cor 13 as it was Valentines Day and each group of people brought something to share whether tht be music, liturgy, prayer ideas or something to help us in our looking at the Bible passage.

This was one of the most inclusive gatherings from an involvement point of view that we have had for a little while, possibly as most of us were able to join up together this afternoon.

After our worship together we chatted about the future. We agree that we need to move from our home, and we agree on the location we would like to move to. Watch this space – I think it’s exciting but I don’t want to post anything until I am 100% certain this is going to happen. We also seem to have pretty strong ideas of a name, and an explanantion of our name to sit alongside what we are trying to achieve and who we are. The light is starting to shine through the woods!

Who we are and what we are about is a challenge to us all, although it is summed up with words such as acknowledgment of all being on a journey, of being inclusive and of being participatory rather than merely consumerist. We come together as the body of Christ, accepting of all, with no expectations of each other, in order to learn more about truth together.

It has taken a long time to get to this place along with a lot of hard thinking, praying and talking; and I am pretty excited about where we seem to be at this point in time. I am, however, still very conscious of how fragile we are and how we, as individuals as well as a community, have very little control or knowledge over where we are going or how we get there.  I guess there is a bit of a sense of the Abraham story here as we start to step out in faith.

It’s scary and pretty messy, but there is also something pretty beautiful about this group of people who are all on different stages of a journey with different views and different beliefs but yet are committed to each other and to what we are trying to create.

While in Seattle my new friends there seemed to use the word ‘awesome’ a fair bit. I think maybe they over-use it (but who am I to judge!) A few hours after our gathering, it started to sink in that we have made a pretty major step today. If that is so …. then that’s pretty awesome!

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