Fresh expressions next stage

I have been encouraged this week by the response of Synod to the Mission Shaped Church report. An interesting motion has been passed and I am particularly intrigued by part b below (I have cut and paste the whole motion from Thinking Anglicans)

the actual report can be read here:  (GS 1761)

Following debate, Dr Philip Giddings moved the following motion, which was carried by the Synod:

‘That this Synod
(a) affirm the mixed economy of traditional churches and fresh expressions of church, working in partnership, as the most promising mission strategy in a fast changing culture;
(b) encourage those responsible for vocations and training in dioceses and parishes to promote the imaginative recruitment, training and deployment of ordained and lay pioneer ministers in and beyond title posts;
(c) commend the making of Bishops’ Mission Order to integrate suitable fresh expressions of church in the life of the dioceses; and
(d) request the Mission and Public Affairs Division and the Research and Statistics Unit to gather evidence on the spiritual and numerical growth of the mixed economy church in general and fresh expressions of church in particular, and to bring a further report or reports to Synod in the next quinquennium.’

Those words ‘imaginative training and deployment of deployment of ordained and lay pioneer ministers in and title posts’ give me hope. My diocese has been great and creative in setting up my title post … but I am aware of lack of imagination or willingness in other areas.

It also fills me with some hope for the future, as I guess it will not be long before I will have to start to think about where this all goes next. What will happen to me after my 3/4 year curacy? It is a worry – and this gives some hope, although the gap in this proposal is the whole money issue. I’s great to encourage creativity in thinking, but creativity costs money – and there does not seem to be a lot of that around!

1 thought on “Fresh expressions next stage

  1. In theory it all looks and sounds amazing..of course the money issue is always going to be a problem but the fact that they are thinking outside the box is promising…let's hope the powers that be near to home catch on quickly!!

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