Pray for Synod today

Please pray for Philip Giddings, chair of the Mission and Public Affairs Council, as he proposes the motion below to General Synod this afternoon, and for all those who will contribute to the debate.
Also for Graham Cray and his team as they share the latest on Fresh Expressions with Synod on Thursday.

That this Synod:
  • affirm the mixed economy of traditional churches and fresh expressions of church, working in partnership, as the most promising mission strategy in a fast changing culture;
  • encourage those responsible for vocations and training in dioceses and parishes to promote the imaginative recruitment, training and deployment of ordained and lay pioneer ministers in and beyond title posts;
  • commend the making of Bishops’ Mission Orders to integrate suitable fresh expressions of church in the life of the dioceses; and
  • request the Mission and Public Affairs Division and the Research and Statistics Unit to gather evidence on the spiritual and numerical growth of the mixed economy church in general and fresh expressions of church in particular, and to bring a further report or reports to Synod in the next quinquennium.

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