worth more than …

Tuesday has been another full day at the Abbey and associated things.

I started the day meeting with Chris from COTA and Pete, a local Episcopalian priest, from Seattle. He wanted to meet tot alk about fresh expressions and how he is attempting to reach into his community. I hope to be able to visit his church on my last Sunday to share something about what I do in Rochester.

I returned to the Abbey for lunch before we visited the Mosaic Coffee Bar. This is run buy the local Nazarene church and is a resource for the community to show love. I loved the chalkboard pricelsit shown in the photo which asks for donations rather than charging for drinks. The thinking behind this is that a price list can exclude people. having a donation operation means that the rich really can help the poorer by paying extra for teir drinks, and that the poorer do not have to stay outside just because they cannot afford to buy a drink.

After Mosaic we met with Jon Myers and Jen Grabarczyk who are birthing a new style of church in Seattle. Jon was moving in to the neighbourhood yesterday and today. They are setting up the Beacon Hill Church. Jon and Jen have no real idea of what this may look like, but they are following the prompting of God and seeing what happens. They were really cool people! It was interesting to hear how they thought they should start.

Following this I caught up with Scott and Sue over some sushi before we headed downtown to the Lo-Fi Club which each Tuesday hold a breakdancing and rapping night. It was brilliant to be able to watch this community at work; how they welcomed and interacted with each other and then start to consider what church may look like with these people in this setting at this time. It was a great time and one immediate observation for me was the love and respect shown within the community to each other. Each known person was welcomed with a hug. People helped each othet to stretch before dancing. There was a lot of dignity and respect shown this evening. I took the Flip Video rather than my camera but it was quite dark so I will need to work on the clips before I can post them here.

WE left at 1am and I am now falling asleep!

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