gauging and guardian

It’s been a good day with COTA today.
It’s been Martin Luther King day, which we reflected in our prayers at the start and the end of the day, but for most of us that have been in the group together we have learnt a lot about the origins of COTA and how it works and so on.

Today I have been particularly excited by some of Karen’s comments. My mind map is getting bigger and bigger with thoughts and questions which ill be a nightmare to print off when I get home, but hey I’ll come to that problem when I get to it.

Some of the things that have been exciting to hear from Karen today and that I need to think more about:
‘my role is to guage the spiritual temperature of the community’
‘I am the guardian and overseer of how we celebrate word and sacrament within COTA’
‘As a community we are asking what does it look like to live as a ‘priesthood of all believers’

Those comments encourage and excite me. Certainly with members of our fledgling community I have spoekn of myself in terms of guardian of the community. I guess I have thought that relationship was more to the people of the community but can see a lot of sense in that guardianship, because of who I am, actually being about ensuring we engage with and celebrate both word and sacrament. That it not to say I am the only person that can do stuff – but that it my role to ensure we maintain integrity as far as the sacraments and looking at scripture go.

I need to reflect on whether a failing of mine in the past few months may have been in my reluctance to take a lead withing the group as far as Eucharist and what we cover in worship goes. I have been quite laid back because I want to welcome peoples contributions. COTA, and Karen in particular, still are able to do that while Karen still has a firm leadership role within it; but a role that still encourages participation and creativity within worship. It’s not an autocratic leadership role which is what we all wish to avoid!

The idea of gauging the spiritual temperature has also challenged me. As  Karen spoke the words it ws as if something clicked into place in my mind. I think a problem of leadership within Fresh Expressions may be that we worry too much about styles of leadership and become over sensitive so that we can miss the obvious. Gauging the spiritual temperature and then seeking to put things in place as a response to that holds with it quite a strategic outlook. OI think I need to give this some more thought – as ever what I write here are intial thoughts and actions – I am thinking aloud so please do feel free to add your thoughts!

COTA has a number of people fulfilling different roles. 3 people are paid but the big majority are volunteers. One of those volunteers has become the iconographer for COTA. The picture is one of her creations which I find stunning!

3 thoughts on “gauging and guardian

  1. hey sorry been busy- up to my eyes actually! am defo going to the cathedral in July, but got to get through the next few months with a vicar who is bullying and playing mind games with me. Most of the time I'm ok, but after a supervision session with him on wed, have been really depressed. Had a conversation with my director of studies yesterday evening but still feeling fragile!Glad you had some time with Scott and Su – they are totally awesome!

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