Bishop Gene Robinson talk

I never got to Greenbelt (actually I’ve never been!) but one of the good things about GB is that you can enjoy the talks at least afterwards by downloading them from their website.

I wanted to hear Gene Robinson and so have downloaded the talk entitled ‘Homosexuality: What the bible says and Why It matters‘. This is well worth listening to particularly I think if, like me, you have grown up in an evangelical world where for a variety of reasons there has been little opportunity to discuss sexuality from a positive view.

Bishop Gene speak openly and honestly and as someone that thoroughly believes in the authority of scripture. He draws out some excellent points from his desire to see the church move forward in its mission of God.

I think thi is the best value £3 I have spent in years!

2 thoughts on “Bishop Gene Robinson talk

  1. I didn't got to this talk (couldn't face the ques for the centaur) although the wife did and wa very touched.However I do think she would agree with me that his other talk may have infact be even better. I would really recomend the talk he did on sexuality and spirituality it was excellent and insightfull

  2. This is excellent. I'm going to link this for this Sunday. I have also put a tribute to your blog on.I like reading it- it inspires me and makes me think I am not the only one out there…Thanks!

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