Bell and Benedict

Following from my last post – I think Rob Bell and St Benedictine are saying similar things – everything is spiritual, everything has a bearing on our relationship with God, God is in everything

1 thought on “Bell and Benedict

  1. Ei, Rob bell drops the line 'there is no word for spiritual in the hebrew languace' like a right clanger phrase's like that and "in the origianal greek this word really actually ment prostitute" are a bit hard to deal with cos most of us just don't know and can't really find out very easilly.How ever if you were to take the inital quote seriously it makes idea's such as 'new age spirituallity' and 'spiritual not religious' a bit of a Joke (My pastor as a child alway's said he was not religious just a freind of Jesus) Especially interesting if you think of books such as John Drane's Do Christians Know How to be Spiritual?'. although I'd like to think if translated into hebrew the translator could choose to call is 'DO Chrisitians know how to be Human?'

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