weekends …

It’s been a pretty amazing weekend with quite a lot packed in.

Saw Beth dance at the Hazlitt theatre and I was amazed, as were her brothers, with how excellent a dancer she has become. She was obviously thoroughly enjoying herself and we were all so proud to be part of this.

Sunday I preached and presided at the communion service at St. Mark’s in Gillingham. It was nice to be back and be in the very informal setting of St Mark’s with friends that I have known for years. It was an interesting time – I never thought I’d see the day when St mark’s used wafers in communion, and nor did I ever think I would be the person consecrating and administering them! There’s always surprises to be had.

The weekend had a sad tinge to it in that we visited Ben (cool photo of Ben the BBQ-er don’t you think!!) and Zoe for a BBQ and said goodbye as Ben is leaving to head up what seems an incredibly exciting project in Norfolk. He will be youth working and setting up a fresh expression of church – a job I’d love to be involved with and I look forward to hearing how this pans out in the future. But, I guess all good weekends need to have a sad tinge – so bye B,Z and E – lots of us are going to miss you!

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