in one kind

We became aware of the Archbishops letter about Eucharistic practice yesterday which suggest we only take communion in one kind. This morning I presided at the 830 Eucharist in the Ithamar Chapel but only gave wafers to the people there.

It was an interesting experience that I did not like. It felt wrong and threw me quite a bit, particularly as the liturgy demanded we still poured wine and consecrated it – but only a small amount for myself to drink.

Rather than enjoying celebrating the Eucharist with my friends this morning, I felt that I was actually depriving them from entering into the full celebration of the sacrament. It was not a nice position to be in.

Don’t get me wrong – hygiene must come first – I’m just hoping now that the pandemic passes quickly (but I do have a lingering question – if we ignored the hygiene, we would catch swine flu more quickly, and then it would pass – no more pandemic! But I guess that’s too simplistic!)

5 thoughts on “in one kind

  1. Ive lived like this for years and always pass on communion wine my immune system just does not like it that's why I ran to be first at your communion so I could be the first to drink.ive resolved to taking communion on my own at home but don't tell the bishop.

  2. I too felt we were missing something The communion just seemed incomplete…I also found it very odd at the 10:30 eucharist for all the clergy to duck behind the pulpit and use the alcohol rub but all the congregation gladly gave each other the peace without the use of the hygenic wipes and then took communion wafers anyway !I think we would be better off dipping the bread in the wine if everyone is really worried, and I do understand that there are a large number of at-risk groups so I am sure we will hope it passes soon.

  3. I've made my statement about this issue on the other post I commented on. In addition if we're not allowed the wine then why are we allowed to exchange the Peace? I think we should follow the priest from the Church I usually go to who declared that the people should decide if they wish to receive the Sacrament in one kind or both (with most preferring both) but ban them from receiving on the tongue and intinction (which was advice given by the Bishop of Dover).

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