climb time

Today has been another pretty normal, but incredible, day.

I had a chance of sitting with the guys at the local again today and we entered into some good conversations about life. One of them came to the ordination service and apparently that has been a topic of conversation for the guys while I have not been around. The ‘event’ seems to have intrigued them and seems to be causing a lot more conversations.

As I said the other day … everything has changed, and yet nothing has.

I am still the same person, I still visit the same places, I still feel pretty much the same; but … something does seem to have changed in my relationship with these people. It may be my imagination, and it may be wishful thinking or just a case of looking too hard; but it does feel like some line has been crossed.

Lots more people seem to want to talk. Today someone shared some family photos with me after I joined their group. I am still not sure if this is acceptance into the group (I’m not too sure what acceptance would look like?) but this, combined with being allowed to buy drinks for people and having drinks bought for me, does seem to mean I am at least somewhere on that road of acceptance. I am not fully part of their group in their eyes, but I am no longer excluded and on the outside.

A friend pointed me recently to the end of Mandela’s autobiography where he writes about his life journey going up a hill. He pauses to look behind him and he realises that he has come a great distance. But as he turns to continue to look forward he realises that there are many other hills he has yet to climb….

I’m currently wondering what hills there will be to climb over the next few months

3 thoughts on “climb time

  1. I can't believe I found you! I Have looked before but perhaps it wasn't the right time to be found!You are the same… and I'm proud that you are.You and your family are never far from my thoughts, just recently I've been thinking about you both quite a bit.My daughter Eden is 3 on Monday, I have the joys of her birthday party tomorrow its very late and I'm making mini trifles!?! I've finished Putting up a marquis in the dark, moths are tickling the lightbulbs. Time out before bed.I don't live in Kent anymore but visit often. It would be lovely to see you all again.There were many more dark times before the lighter happier ones. I'm so content now. I thank you, your family and God for giving me the belief in myself to be a better person, to give myself more time. I've not forgotten you or Sarah. I'm not scared to ever look back into the past, when I do I'll always remember where I came from and in turn how far I've come.You may think you just walk in circles, not travel far, but in helping others you've walked the world twice over.With love from my family to yoursGemma Dean

  2. Oh wow … Gemmayou can't believe how exciting it is to hear from you – I had to run upstairs and read your comment out to Sarah. It's so so amazing to hear what's happening – and how great things seem to be.we've also been searching – facebook etc etc but not been able to find you either … but now we have have – cool! You have never been out of our prayers.Gem making mini trifles …. who would have believed it!! Just shows what a great mum you are … and Eden is a lovely nameOf course we would love to catch up with you properly – as ever it was always great spending time with you – you are a very special person!so … where are you, how do we contact properly – we are still in the same house by the way and home telephone number is the same, when you next visiting the wonderful Medway?Hope the birthday party goes well today …. and thank you so much for getting in touch!Hope to hear more / catch up soonRob, Sarah, Tom, Beth and Joe!

  3. The birthday party was hilarious, we all had so much fun! It was fancy dress and everyone made a real effort! James my partner dressed up as a Genie, Eden was tinkerbell. The trifles went down well, but I still managed to keep a couple back… Ha!I'm absolutely exhausted but really pleased to read you were as excited by my messsage as I was about finding you all! I am on facebook but with a pseudonym… mystery on the internet is a hard thing to achieve you know!I live in Sutton Surrey now, just outside Kingston. My email is email me your details I will send you some photographs of Eden so you know what we look like when we come to visit. Hopefully we can arrange something soon!I see you've lost your hair now and are working with Rochester Cathedral… I hope the two aren't in anyway related! With great Power comes great responsibility, I think thats scene 2 chapter 2 of Spiderman the movie. *giggle*There's so much to catch up on. I wonder how you all are. Beth is 13? Wow… Tom and Joe must be a little older and a little younger.And the lovely Sarah, I wonder if she still teaches, Mum tips are ALWAYS in need!Its great to be in touch, email soon.Gem and the fam!

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