A Proud Evening

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Achievement Evening of New Brompton College in my capacity as chair of governors. The evening was amazing with a mixture of prize giving and performing arts from different groups of students.

The quality of the performances was amazing and it seems to be getting better and better each year. As I sat and watched beaming smiles from young people receiving awards, heard the applause of students, staff and parents and saw the talent of our performing arts groups the voice from the Eucharist of 24 hours ago whispered … ‘how have we got here?’

Peter Holbrook, of the Sunlight Development Trust, was our guest speaker for the night and was right to speak of the past and remind us that the school some 6 years ago was one which the students were embarrassed to be associated with. As someone who has been linked in some way with the school since 1996, initially through Gillingham YFC and now as governor, I remember this only too well.

The picture is the complete opposite now. New Brompton College is a school where students grow and achieve. NBC is a school in which the students, staff and governors are immensely proud of. I spoke to a few parents last night who were not only proud of their young person’s achievements but also excited by the opportunities there are for them as we continue to move forward.

We have got here, in the space of 5 years, because of the dedication, commitment and hard work of the headteacher and her senior management team, backed to the hilt by the whole school staff and of course by the students who have chosen to respond to the staff that have complete confidence and belief in their abilities.

Last night was an amazing evening I left incredibly proud to be connected with our school.

2 thoughts on “A Proud Evening

  1. So pleased and proud to hear that all has come to be at NBC! Very proud to have been associated with a special place. Keep up the good work Chair of Govs!

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