normality returns … nearly

Back to normal today in my drinking location. Well … nearly normal. Someone insisted on paying for my early morning coffee as I had bought them a beer the other day. I wasn’t invited to sit with the guys and so I sat at my normal table and returned to observing and praying for the people around me.

I met a retired lady who had been looking to chat with me for a while. I felt a bit down after the excitement of the last few days but it is amazing to see God in control yet again. If I had sat with the blokes, this woman would not have been able to have the chat she wanted to have, and she came to the pub just for that purpose.

My big question now with God as relationships start to move here, is where do I go next? By that I do not mean where to I physically move to, but what do I do now that relationships have started to develop? I guess it has something to do with continuing to show that I am not out to try and convert people. Even today, after 10 month, the guy who bought me a drink made a joke about others teasing him about being ‘born again’ now that he was talking to me. A joke, but with a serious edge and concern to it I think.

I merely wish to connect, chat and see what happens. I am not here to coerce, or to preach – I tend to think that people know where to go if they want to hear sermons (I’m preaching on Sunday by the way at 945am – shameless plug!!) I keep asking myself how can I offer loving service in this place, how can I be good news in a way that means something to the people around me? How can I help to build the Kingdom of God here?

10 months in and I’m still incredibly conscious of how I am still at such an early stage in this massive journey of discovery. to be honest, I only have question after question fter question …. it would be good to get some answers just now and again.

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