well I am amazed – the same thing happened in Wetherspoons yesterday morning. I sat with the same group of guys and we just generally chatted about stuff.

I am conscious on how important two guys, or men of peace, have been in all of this. They have had short conversations with me over the months and it is them that have invited me to join the group.

On Sunday, I have to preach on a passage from Mark’s gospel where Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God being like a seed and a mustard seed in particular. I’m still getting my head around what that might mean, but I think there is something about little beginnings, something we do not fully understand happening underground in secret which is followed by a sudden burst of life and the plant grows.

I wonder if that is what is happening here? Stuff has been secretly going on ‘underground’ while I have been in Wetherspoons. I have become part of something that I do not understand. Others have planted seeds, maybe I have as well, and somehow in some amazing way God has been doing what God does. Suddenly I am seeing the reality of some growth. It is a massive surprise.

I wonder if massive surprise is what Jesus was trying to get across when he spoke in mark about the Kingdom of God?

I am intrigued to see what will happen next when I arrive at Wetherspoons. After this surprise will things calm to normality or will stuff continue to happen?

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