2nd gathering

Saturday was a pretty special and amazing day.

WE had our second gathering of people at our house. We worshipped together, thought about and discussed some of the names given to Jesus in the gospel of John and prayed together. We then ate together and generally caught up with how each other was.

On reflection the remit was too wide and we should have focused on one or two names. In the end we did and thought more about Jesus as light and Jesus as word. We will concentrate on Jesus as the vine at our next gathering which will be roughly a month away.

These gatherings excite me. It’s a privilege to journey together and see people of all ages interacting and learning from each other as well as enjoying just being with each other.

I still find it amazing that we have come so far in a relatively short space of time – it’s exciting to be part of this, if a little scarey as none of us know where it is that we are actually going!

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