fresh expressions interview

I had a bit of an unusual day today. After staff meeting I was interviewed for a feature that Fresh Expressions are doing this month on fresh expressions and cathedrals. I have been keeping my head down but knew this time would come as there are not many of us involved in such things.

The interview questions for the podcast were quite good and caused me to ask some serious questions of what I am doing. I am also part way through writing an article that goes with the podcast on my experiences of waiting as I do so far.

The whole process has been very helpful in causing me to rethink through not only what I am trying to achieve but who I am and where I get direction and strength from. For the first time in quite a while I did not feel daft when I was not able to answer the ‘where are you going?’ question. I don’t know as I feel that I am quite blindly following God in all this.

As we move forward sometimes I feel I am getting a better idea, and then other days feel I am just as much in the dark over all this as ever I was.

The interview today, however, did remind me how fortunate I am in my role. It’s easy to take all this for granted but being based where I am, with the excellent people around me, with the permission to take time to create is amazing. Whn I think too much about it I am quite bowled over still!

Anyway … I digress … if it sounds ok-ish, when the podcast and article are up I’ll let you know.

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