a priest … a what?

It’s been an odd day today – a KCME day. KCME is our ongoing training as curates and i always seem to find it difficult. I do not know whether it is the subject matter, the style of delivery or just simply that after 3 years of training and thinking that actually I just wish to get on with stuff and so part of me resents having to come out a day every month to look at stuff.

For me, and I hope this does not sound ‘arrogant’ in any way – but being the lone pioneer on this course which is set up for parish ministers does not really support me or challenge me in what I am doing. My fellow curates are excellent but I struggle to understand and relate to their issues from parish life as I am sure they struggle to understand my issues from having no parish and constantly being out in the community. There are common issues, such as the transition we have experienced, but the actual day to day routines of what we do are pretty much miles away from each other.

Today was quite helpful as we started to think about ‘the priesthood’ and what the difference is between being a deacon and being a priest. I guess, if nothing else, today has caused me to realise that I need to think and reflect more on what this next step actually means for me. What will be the difference? Will there be a difference? Should there be a difference? All I know is that I feel grossly inadequate, as I did on the day of my ordination as deacon. In many ways the scarey thing for me is not only what the role is, or what I think it all means – but also what other people believe it to be and the expectations that those other people have not only in my ability but also in what or who I am as a person.

In the Church of England there is a functional role that goes with being a priest, but I’m pretty convinced that the change is more than functional – or is it? I’m not into ontological change, but I do think it is more than purely functional. As I said, I need to think more on this as the date is fastly approaching.

If you are interested – this year for Rochester Diocese curates the date in Saturday 27th June at 3.00pm in Rochester Cathedral. I should be getting some tickets soon so if you wish to come let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Oh well … off to reflect more I guess.

3 thoughts on “a priest … a what?

  1. Rob…We think you should name all your posts from now on ‘Soul Searching’As I think that would sum up pretty well what you have been doing since we have known you….perhaps that is something one never finishes ?Darren and Rebecca

  2. Read your piece on priesthood just now – (Wed 6 May)I was this morning driving of to a church on the beach to do a bit of Godly play (training) and on my way down there I had similar thoughts running through my head. Thought I might share them.For me the thought of being ordained priest gives me a feeling of being complete, not completed, but whole. I feel whole not because I’ll have the authority to do more etc, etc, but because in response to God’s awesome love for me I have offered all of me, all I have and can serve – really and truly serve – not holding anything back – or perhaps more importantly not being able to hold anything back because there will no longer be any excuse – it doesn’t matter where we are, we’re all serving God by serving God’s people.This was my thought in the car today – I feel reassured knowing that even though we (the SEITE gang)are all separate there is still something, a thread running through us, a path we are all treading perhaps, something which feels like we are (at times) all still together; still jostling, still struggling still forming – it’s so God!Ange

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