The Hopes of MOOT

A great short video here from my friends at Moot
please pray for them and for Ian, the Priest Misioner, when you get a chance for this ‘time of transition’

dramatic acceptance

Now and again you come across an amazingly moving post of God at work in the unexpected.
God catching us by surprise if you like.
Just found such a post over at Moot.

moot podcasts

You will notice that I have added the Moot podcast player in the sidebar of this blog.
There is some great stuff well worth listening to – which is why I’ve added it!

Mobsby interview

I can’t think of much to write today … so instead of reading my rubbish why not pop over to the Moot blog here and listen to Ian being interviewed on ‘The Becoming of G-d’.

After hearing the interview why not go and buy the book – its well worth the read.

Moot Lent

I love this picture and the publicity that is produced by Moot.
These events through Lent are both imaginative and will challenge spiritually.
I’m glad to be able to get to some of these events and point to them here in case you don’t know about this.

moot God is dead service

Why not get along if you are nearby

Placement over :(

Sunday night was a sad night for me as it marked the last official day of my placement with Moot.This has been a superb experience and I have learned masses from the community and from Ian. It has been great to be welcomed as a member of the community and trusted to become involved.

The experience has left me with lots of thoughts for my future role particularly around thoughts of how we have restricted ‘gospel’ to mean the telling of a message where as the gospel that Jesus speaks of is one of transformed community pointing to the Kingdom of God.

At Moot I have tasted the kingdom and I intend to stay in touch. If any mooters come here – thank you so so much, you have been fantastic. I have met some excellent fellow travellers and I really hope I can stay in touch.