New Year Blessing

fireworksMy friend Mark Berry is excellent with words.

Like myself he tends not to make New Year Resolutions … not because of not wanting to see change, but more out of an understanding that with God and with urselves change can and does happen every moment if we allow it and want it.

Mark’s blessing really resonated with me when I read it.
I think the words are simply stunning and he’s kindly allowed me to share them:


My prayer is that whenever the need for change happens in your life you will find the courage and the confidence to make it!

May you be surrounded by people who love you for who you are not what you give to them or what you might become.

May you have friends who want to journey with you and who allow you to journey with them.

May you know when to jump in and take risks and go on adventures.

May you know when to be still and to be in the stillness.

May you know what to give up because it drains you and what to pick up because it gives you energy.

I pray that the next four seasons will flow with blessing, learning, grace and love for you and those you love.


Beautiful words.
Happy New Year!

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