that first early morning …

We had a great morning celebrating the risen Christ on the short of the Thames this morning. A few of us gathered, said some words, sang a song, threw our confessions, via a pebble, into the river, discussed and wondered what it was like that first resurrection morning, shared bread and wine before concluding with barbecued bacon rolls and bubbly to mark the end and start of our resurrection celebration.

i always love this service, not just because it is different and people really enjoy the experience … but because it brings a number of different people together who then share thought and ideas and questions as the sun rises on a cold morning. There were some amazing discussions this morning which I felt it a privilege to be able to play some small part in.

Today we touched a little on how it may have felt for those first disciples and tried to out ourselves in their shows … and in some way that brought Christ risen in our lives afresh.

Thank you people for joining us.

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