21 today!


This amazing beautiful young woman is 21 today!
The time has flown.
I remember that very first day … how could I forget …
We decided to have a  day out at Howletts Zoo.
Beth decided that she wanted to appear that day … a week or so early.
We rushed back down the M2… the midwife came to the house … and Beth was born 3 minutes later.
It was all pretty sudden ….
A short while later and the midwife had placed this amazingly beautiful little girl into my arms
And I fell in love…. and would do anything for her from that moment on …. and that has never changed or waned .. no matter what … that love remains as strong as ever

I have loved watching this girl seek her independence and path
I have been amazed at her growth in confidence
I have cried secretly with joy as she has trusted me with stuff of life
I have watched this amazing person develop from a timid and pretty little girl that was worried about school and others
in to
a beautiful young woman who is scared of nothing and is well on the way to becoming an amazing teacher!
I look forward to seeing what your future holds …

Beth … I always have been, am, and always will be incredibly proud of you
Continue to be you …. I have no doubt that will be the case
Grab your dreams …. and don’t let go
You need no ones permission … you are Beth!
Love you loads and hope you enjoy this special day …. oh yeah … and



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