today-you-inspired-meOn Monday evening I attended my first ever RSA Engage event after recently becoming  a Fellow.

I went expecting a series of lectures and was excitedly surprised to arrive in the Great Hall to find a few poseur tables with nibbles on and some chairs around the perimeter of the room. The evening had 9 speakers making pitches for their projects which were essentially using technology for good purposes to aid social change.

The format of the evening saw three rounds of three people speaking for three minutes. After each round we than had a chance to wander around the hall, network, and engage with any of the speakers. This then happened two more times.

The format was exciting, invigorating and engaging … could there be something here for how we teach and engage in church …. I loved the way this engaged everyone … standing and listening and moving and knowing the pitch was a strict three minutes helped us to focus through the filter of wanting to engage.

There were 9 great pitches last night … one I particularly liked and have already started to use was  Better Net … which I have installed on my mobile devices and works amazingly. Adverts have disappeared and my pages run quicker!

The evening was great for talking with new people … I linked with a couple of people I did not know before … and that is always a good thing!

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