Homeless Sunday

c2We had another good service tonight at HTGP as we concentrated on, and were challenged by, Homeless Sunday. We used resources from Homeless Sunday to help us in our planning.

Joe gave the homily which was good as he is the Chief Exec of Homeless Action in Barnet. Joe gave a good challenge to be involved in politics and to stand up for people that are vulnerable. He also gave a challenge that resonated with me on how valued taking time to listen to peoples stories can be. You can hear his homily on the HTGP website or here.

In open space we invited people to take a blank front door key while they considered when they first received their front door key themselves. One of the most dispiriting and demeaning aspects of being homeless is that you are also doorless and keyless. So we invited people to take a key, place it on their key ring and use it as a prompt to pray. If you’d like a key let us know … we have a few spares.

Next week we will be discussing ‘The wasteful and Obscene Extravagance of God’ with the ‘Wedding at Cana‘ as our text. Maybe see you there.


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