ideas matter …

Over the last few months there have been a few amazing experiences that I have had.
One wimg_1197as visiting  Sotheby’s for the first time ever to visit the Bowie Collection.

I have always been a big Bowie fan.
I remember being shocked on the 10th January 2016 as I kind of had a mindset that Bowie was immortal.
I wept at the loss of someone I never had the joy to meet but still believed to be a friend, connected in some way.

I visited The Bowie Collection and was emotionally moved again as we were greeted by the amazing picture of the man himself saluting us in the middle of was was truly an amazing and beautiful exhibition.

The diversity of the collection was stunning and i can often choose a favourite, but on this hirst-fishoccasion I struggled. The work that brought the biggest smile to my face came from a minnow in formaldehyde called ‘untitled fish for David’. All around the exhibition the labels told what Bowie paid for the work and where he bought it from. This one simply said ‘gift from Damien Hirst’ and was clearly some joke on the shark piece. I liked the thought of Bowie receiving this as a gift.

img_1201I particularly loved Odd Nerdrum’s ‘Dawn’ above. The juxtaposition of peace and calm and pain captivated me for ages … I could have sat in front of this for hours and hours. As a point of interest Sotheby’s estimated this would sell for between £60 000 – £80 000 … actually sold for £341 000 … amazing that an ‘owner’ of a piece of art can add so much value.

The collection guide had these words from Bono in the introduction:

In the end, his passion for art came from a deep conviction that ideas mattered and that the way we see the world has an enormous impact on the one we build, both personally and politically.

In the Richard Rohr meditations of this week we have been hearing a similar narrative. How we view the world, how we view people, how we view situations will determine how we react within them, and influences totally what we do and what we create next.

I believe ideas matter, but I believe people matter more … how we treat ideas and people is how we treat the world.




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