the journey

journeyHTGP met tonight for the first time in 2017.
It was good to see people and while we could see our small number as a sign of our fragility and vulnerability (which it is!) we are excited by the opportunity for growth in a faithful realisation that vulnerability is a necessary state for growth to occur.

Tonight we ‘did’ The Journey in our evening contemplative eucharistic service.
I like using The Journey is our worship because it reminds us that everything is ok. It shows us in a clearway that we are all in different places and yet all those places are correct. It reminds us that the Christian Life is one of seasons which are all natural and ok.

The podcast, which is essentially brief instructions to our activity, may be found here

This year, I introduced The Journey with challenging provocative words from Nick Vesey from Developing Consciousness:

You are always in exactly the right place to be able to take the next step. It is an amazing realisation, that you are, right now, in exactly the right place to begin this journey.

Your whole life has brought you to this point. Everything you have ever done has brought you to the point of hearing these words now. And everything has conspired for you to be in exactly the right place. You could not be in a better place.

And that is true for every single moment of your life.

You are never in the wrong place. All you can do is to not recognise you are in the right place, and then automatically you miss the point and opportunity of that moment.

To be in the right place at the right time you simply have to acknowledge  the rightness of the moment, and thus the moment become yours.

Whatever our circumstances, wherever you are. Trust this moment as being one that is right. One that has meaning. One that is setting you on a journey outside the box, and it will be so.

And what is the next step? Well … ask yourself that …. what is the next step? What do you do now as the next step in your journey with God?

Maybe consider the journey for yourself this week ….
and if you wish to journey with others …
maybe look us up.

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