another exciting day

bowwebIt’s been a great week so far …after lots of prayer across the diocese we finally got an answer ….

On Tuesday we got to meet the next Bishop of Woolwich. It was great to be introduced to him with lots of other people from the diocese. We had a little chat as he wondered around the people who gathered and my first impressions were of a very personable and caring person who seems to be totally motivated by the gospel. I think that is pretty exciting and I look forward to chatting with him in time about stuff on the peninsula. The staff team have been passing around this article which has some good stuff in it to read, particularly his passion for reaching out to people with God’s love.

Karowei will come to the diocese after serving in a London parish for the last 18 years. I can relate to feelings of bereavement that he will inevitably have for a little while as he moves from that community to be with us and so we need to be praying for him and Mosun as they prepare to leave there and join here.

Anyway …. WELCOME …. #excitingtimes

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