mission reflection

Photo Friday: ArchitectureThere are few things that will cause me to cut into a ‘break’ or a ‘holiday’ …. but talking about, reflecting upon and asking why and how we do mission in our setting is one of those ‘few things’.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to take part in the first Woolwich Area Catholic Anglican Missiology Symposium which was pulled together by Ian Mobsby in his role as Mission Enabler in our part of the diocese. I was not just pleased to be asked, but also excited that the diocese is putting time into this. Bishop Michael gave a good introduction on the purpose of the group and being present was inspiring.

We heard two great papers from Steve and Gareth which raises a mound of questions both within the room and, for me personally in my current setting of the Greenwich Peninsula. It raised questions of the theology of practice and , interestingly, we chatted pneumatology in our various settings. There was debate as to whether the catholic tradition had an inadequate theology here. I am not sure i agree with that statement, but it has caused to ponder that a I serve the Peninsula.

Steve and Garth’s papers can be heard here …. definitely worth listening to.

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