moving in the right direction … maybe!

Can61c4W8AEjNNmYesterday we held our last contemplative eucharist service before we embark on the journey of Lent.

Our numbers are still relatively small but I am encouraged by three things in particular. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive with people appreciating the opportunity to still themselves and spend time just being themselves. Lots of people here work in the city and space, or the opportunity to pause, are craved for but rarely achieved.

Since moving our worship to the evening we have seen an increase of 20% of people coming. That sounds a lot grander than it is and that amounts to an extra 1.5 people ….
The most encouraging fact since the move is, however, that in 4 weeks of January we have seen 4 new people, some of whom have returned for a second time. In the 2 weeks before the change we saw no new people. I am encouraged as this tells me we are now becoming more accessible to people. I think this illustrates, albeit tentatively, that we are moving in the right direction.

Last night we considered the transfiguration and what that said to us today. The discussion after the homily seemed to engage lots of peoples thinking and I sensed there was a real powerful sense of joy and wonder as we gathered around the table to receive bread and wine.

I am convinced that we are doing here at 18:01 is what people are looking for …. I just ned to be able to find these people ….. so I still am looking for a core team of people …. they must be out there somewhere!

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