a start ….

balcony view .JPGLiving on the Greenwich Peninsula is a fairly unique experience to many. People live in close proximity and yet I can go for days without seeing anyone from my block of apartments. At 1801 last night someone that moved into the village at the end of December described her experience of living here as being anonymous.

One of the strengths of living in a  place like the Peninsula is that people want to work and do build community together. There is a very strong residents committee on the Greenwich Millennium Village which I have been both invited and pleased to be a part of.

At the start of the year we were all profoundly affected by a death of a resident who was run over by a bus. For years the residents committee has been asking for the roads to be safer. The residents have pulled together and launched an amazing campaign for the roads around the village to be safer …. you could support this by signing here.

The residents committee live here and care about the place we live and show that by being willing to make time to work together. At last Thursday’s residents meeting we were able to build on this by starting our survey of residents views. This is going to be something that is going to be a priority for me and the people of HT for the next few weeks. Why? Well … as Holy Trinity part of our reason for being here is to be ‘good news’, to help and be a blessing to the community. Surveys can take a long time and cost a lot in finance and time to carry out and so this is a way we can be of help. The surveys, which are anonymous, and whatever we learn will be shared with the residents committee and other agencies that are seeking to work together here.

Meeting people on Thursday was an incredible encouragement. Everyone has views and wants to share them. They wish to share them because they passionately care about the place that they live in. After a lot of research and talking to various agencies I found Livability to be very helpful in getting us to think about what to ask.

So … on our survey we are asking three simple questions:
What do you like about living on The Peninsula?
What frustrates you about living here?
What do you think is lacking here?

After just 30 surveys it would be premature to say we have any understanding of views and a lot more residents need to be spoken with. It is, however, a good start and I was really encouraged by the helpful and engaging response from people.

Over the next few weeks I and a little team hope to have many more interactions with people with those three questions. When we have got a good sample and heard lots of voices I hope we are then able to engage in way that will be both a blessing and authentic …. watch this space!


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