stepping out of the circle

stepIt’s been a little quite here.
There is a reason for that.
I have been immersed.
Immersed in teaching, in planning and in more teaching and planning.
One extra thing I have taken on this year to aid my income has been a day of GCSE geography teaching in the school I am also chaplain at.

While teaching and being with the young people is great … planning is taking me an age. I keep telling myself it will get easier … and I believe that … it’s just that planning GCSE geography is not getting that much easier just yet … but it will be!
One of my challenges is that I teach a double lesson each Wednesday … that is 3 hours of Geography …. so I want and need to be creative to keep students engaged … for 3 hours!

So …. I have entered a bit of a circle.
A circle that I know holds back my creativity and does not allow me to express how I am.

I am a reflective practitioner.
I need to reflect to do what I do.
When I reflect, it is then that I can link with whatever it is that helps me to create.
When I have too much to do I don’t feel I have time to reflect.
So I don’t.
And I can’t create.
But I know when I reflect I work smarter or quicker
But I have no time
And so the circle continues … and continues …
So this blog has been quiet
But I am writing …. so I am stepping out of the circle

I have things to write again …
And I will …

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