red poppies and hopeful children

poppies copyToday, as chaplain at Oasis Academy Skinner Street I got to plant poppies at Mid Kent College with some children. The walk to Mid Kent and back again involved me in interesting conversations with these Year 4 children.

They were really excited about planing poppies, not simply because they were doing something different, but because they could sense the importance of sacrifice and hope that is associated with such an act.

As Chaplain I shared something about the symbolism of poppies. I drew out the symbolism of opium being  pain killer to dull the pain of war, as well as being a flower that spreads and returns each year, and so being a symbol of hope to the soldiers. (I used stuff from a sermon I preached at the cathedral on Remembrance Sunday a few years ago) The children seemed to understand that. We ended with some words I had prepared where we committed to work for peace and help for our fellow human.

I enjoyed today …. today I was struck by children filled with hope as they carried out a simply activity. Today has been a day where I feel I have helped.

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