ordinary people in a field with ordinary people

busy boot fairOur current boot fair season came to a close yesterday …. and that gives me some sadness. I have loved getting up at 5am on a Sunday morning (really… I have!) and working with an amazing team who also got up at 5am for the chance to engage with people at the boot fair in some spiritual way.

I really have been pretty overwhelmed at how the Ruach Cards have caught the imagination of many passers by and how God has connected in real ways with people through these readings. It seems that this just works …. and it’s just a few pictures and some scripture connecting powerfully with people in the middle of a field with some shattered people. I am amazed!

The conversations we have had over the last two months have been amazing. I still hold the man in my prayers who was a recovering Heroin addict … he really connected with me and I have been caused to pray for him each day … and wonder whether one day I may find out how he is doing.

Other team members have connected with other people whether it be through Ruach, prayer beads, prayer braids or simply chatting. I believe all of us have had significant conversations with people. I’ve gone back through the notes of each time and it seems we have had contact with around 130 people which I think is pretty exciting. 130 people that God brought cross our path.

I believe that is 130 people that God has blessed … not instructed, or taught, or even convicted …. but simply blessed them for who they are while wanting them to know they are accepted, approved of, loved and ….. most of all I think … understood and not alone.

I seemed to chat with many who felt alone or bewildered by their experience … and it seemed that God used our willingness and a few tools to reassure just loads of people. I’m still surprised and amazed that this has worked so well. Just ordinary people, in a field, willing to spend time with other ordinary people. I have been reminded that, given the right inviting opportunity that some of these people at the boot fair are spiritually searching for something that works.

In my last post I spoke of John Drane’s challenge … ‘how do we make people feel so much that they can’t help asking’ … well … being in a field and using cards or prayer seems to be one way of achieving that.

People felt a presence
people asked
and we prayed with them

Our boot fair takes a break until September … so this is a good place to thank the team … thanks loads for your commitment and willingness …you really were an amazing joy to work with ….  you are all cool!

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