an amazing experience

hannah bootThe Boot fair happened again on Sunday.
The amazing team managed to drag themselves out of bed at 5.xx am and made their way to Greenfields field for 6am.
It was already warm at 6am, we knew the day was going to be hot, and last weeks boot fair was cancelled due to the weather. So … we expected to be busy.

The day started quite slow, as it normally did, before picking up quite majorly. We were ‘hit’ quite early on by an older guy who sat in a chair and asked ‘who is God?’ There is nothing like a bit of a theological discussion before 7am in the morning!

From that point on the team were pretty much immersed in discussion or prayer bead making. The Ruach cards were again the overwhelming hit …. we did over 20 card readings and, again, at points during the morning we had people forming a queue.

People seemed very amazed when the cards linked with aspects of their lives. ‘That’s weirdly accurate’ or ‘that’s so me’ were the type of comments I heard from people throughout the morning. It seems that God … the Creator … really does use these cards to speak powerfully to people so that they leave feeling blessed and in some way touched by The Divine.

Without breaking confidences … some of the stories we heard …
one person’s reading was all apart caring and a new start and to have courage – this person shared after the reading that they were a carer, had just been promoted and was unsure whether she could do the job
another person’s reading centred around remembrance and thanksgiving – this person then shared they were learning to cope with bereavement
another person returned from last week and has three times received the same card … which talks of love and acceptance which is what I believe this person needs to accept for themselves

This three snapshots are just a little indication of the wonder and awe that people seem to go away with after having a reading.

For me, a particular highlight is always seeing the team grow in confidence. I want to put a bit of a spotlight on an amazing young person of 15 who has joined the team – you can see her in the picture using the Ruach cards. It was amazing to see her engaging powerfully with people in conversation while making prayer beads as well as through Ruach. Even more exciting are her plans for development … so soon … very soon … I think we will be offering prayer braids as a different way to engage with people.

I’m struck, from just the 2 weeks of this new season how people seem ‘hungry’ to connect with something outside of them. We do not push any of this … in fact a lot of the time we are sat down chatting and only respond to people who show interest. We are the only stall that is not selling anything for money and we extend that philosophy to not pushing in any way what we do upon people. So … we will not stand in the aisle and coerce people to the gazebo … we sit and we wait.

As we wait it seems people come … and God speaks ….and people connect … and that’s better than making any amount of money on earth. It’s amazing to experience.

I just want to say thanks team again for working so well … this is such an amazing opportunity. The privilege of seeing people connect with their creator, and the joy of working with such a great team makes this all such a great thing to be involved in.

The next boot fair we will hopefully be covering will be on June 1st … I say hopefully as I don’t have a full team yet … so if you fancy coming and having a try … please give me a shout!

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