The Boot!

ruach readingRunning the stall at yesterday’s boot fair was a pretty incredible experience. The team were amazing and engaged at various levels with various people.

The team did around 15 Ruach card readings which was a real surprise to us. I mean … we thought all along that the cards would attract people, but I guess we were surprised by the level of interest from people so early in the season. It seems the images and the style of reading attracted a variety of people – some who had a history of Tarot, to others just interested in the cards and wanted to engage with some way.

We offered the 4 winds of change reading where a card represents something from the persons character, another an aspect of their life’s journey, another a season of their life and finally a blessing card which is a gift of scripture from God. Reading after reading I heard people say things like ‘yes that’s right’ or ‘I would have chosen that cards as it’s so true about me’. Most people allowed us to pray with them before they went on their way, feeling blessed by God for the rest of their day.

More encouragement came from people who we met last year returning to get their Psalm Reading and then some of them engaged with beads or the Jesus Deck.

A highlight for me personally, apart from seeing the amazing team work together, was spending just a little time with a recovering heroin addict. This man asked for a blessing, so I anointed him with oil and prayed he would have strength each day. For some reason this man had a profound impact on me throughout the rest of the day which rests with me today as I write. I don’t know whether it was his childlike desperation, or his desire to move forward in his life, or just his simple trust that a few words from me and a dab of oil on his forehead could make any difference. I don’t know why this guy is still in my head … but if you are the praying type please pray for R … God knows who he is … and heroin being the evil bastard it is, it will not be easy for this guy.

So – a great first Boot … people were blessed ….. we were good news …. come see us next week!

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