to share it you gotta be it!

imgresBishop Graham Cray preached well this morning at the Chrism Eucharist. I not only liked the fact that he was brief and to the point, reminding us why we do what we do, but also because I think he hit home with quite a subtle comment.

He said something like our role, as church, is to share good news. He then said, ‘but first … before you can share good news … you need to be good news yourselves.

That’s pretty obvious … and I wonder whether the Christian faith is not attractive to lots of people because sometimes…. (just sometimes!!) … Christians look and sound so bloody miserable that people think …. ‘why would I join that lot?’ Ok … I’ll be honest …. it’s true … I know certain Christians that I don’t want to hang out with as they are pretty miserable …. and I’m sure some people think I am sometimes too!

So …. this Easter …. lets not just share the good news of the gospel …. lets think seriously about how we can be good news to those around us.

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