commit to self!

imgresWe saw The Commitments tonight as a family. It was a pretty impressive show … i’m probably biased as it’s made up of a lot of music greats that I grew up with through school. It was also incredibly funny in places, which made it a ‘feel good’ kind of show.

I won’t give the storyline away … but I think the underlying themes are quite interesting and reflect a little of what I have been discussing with a few people for a little while. Interestingly, I think those themes are themes of accepting and being true to who are you along with a ‘commitment’ to doing the things that you enjoy and make you come alive.

I guess those two underlying themes could be described as the aspirations of many of us … to really honestly be ourselves and to do what we love doing. To link with other thoughts, both those require a pretty massive amount of vulnerability. Being real means being vulnerable … it’s much easier to wear our carefully crafted masks and pretend we are something that we are not.

On occasions, Richard Rohr’s thoughts just seem to drift in and gently bounce of the clouds of my thinking and add a little more substance. Today is one of those days as Richard Rohr writes:

Paul says it so well: “I shall know even as I am known” (1 Corinthians 13:12). In other words, you need to let yourself be known nakedly by God, no pretense, no dressing up. You are who you are who you are! No trying to make yourself something other than who you really are. All God can love is who you really are, because that’s the only you that really exists. All the rest is just in your head.

I can add …. that one person that Richard talks of as the person we really are, the only one that God can love …. well God already loves that person … completely. That’s real, unhinged, unstringed, decadent, elaborate, extravagant, foolish, ‘asking for trouble’ kind of love ….. but … hey … that’s the God I follow!

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