dancing eyes

eyeToday has caused me to think of the fragility of life.

This afternoon I visited someone in hospital who was one of the old guys I would talk to at least twice a week for 4 years in Wetherspoons. Seeing this man who used to happily catch two buses only a little over 18 month ago to join me for a pint on a Friday hooked up to lots of leads on a hospital bed was pretty moving. This guy was always full of energy and joked and laughed … and yet today …. today he seemed fragile …. vulnerable …. but still together and happy.

The hospital experience has not been great for this man. Yet, despite his age, his fragility, his vulnerability …. he is still a strength to the rest of his family, and even to himself.  Crushed but not broken comes to mind, and I am pretty convinced there is still some life in this amazing man yet. I pray there is.

At this point I want to say ministry of this type is such a real privilege. As we talked for around 30 minutes of what life was now like, this man shared his insights and there is no other word to describe the experience of simply sitting with him for that short time. Privilege sounds like some sort of crap Christian cliche … but it’s not … it’s an honest assessment of how I felt as I walked away from this gentlemen’s hospital bed.

I went to hospital today thinking I was going to support and sit with this guy. When I left I felt that he had sat with me. It’s not that we talked about me, because we didn’t, but in that simple act of sitting together it was like some synergetic accumulation of respect and love both immersed and held us for a short while.

In that short while, I met Christ, the vulnerable, weak, but still together Christ. Christ sat with me today and started at me …. quizzical eyes. This man’s eye’s burned blue at me …. the body was frail, the breathing was laboured, yet the eyes were dancing.

Thank you mate
May your eyes dance a while longer my friend.

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